Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Green Valley, AZ.  3/19/13:  It was a town like so many others; a single street, wide and dusty..two saloons, a hotel and a jail.  All you need out here..all you'll ever need.  To make a movie.

On Monday, Mick Lowman, who knows everybody and everywhere, took John and Marsha Taylor and me to Mescal.  You've been there, probably.  Anywhere you look there's a building you've seen in some western movie.  Let's shuffle some photos.
Saloon.  Quick and the Dead

  Frank Brown is in charge of security at Mescal. That's not a costume, either.  He's for real and one of the greater guys you're ever going to meet..unless you go where you're not supposed to go.

  On this very special occasion, though, Frank took us to see it all. 

  Thanks, Frank.

Back Alley, where the outlaws hide.
The tree where they hung Maverick (Mel Gibson)
Maverick at the Hanging Tree
Tombstone Boardwalk
OK Corral
Tom Horn Jail

Tom Horn's View

Through Those Swinging Doors,
Quick and the Dead

Another great day, Pard.  Seeya down the trail.