Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We're Back In Kansas, Toto

 Morning in Kansas

Denver, CO.  7/17/2013:   Eastern Kansas.  The sky is brilliant and the horizon stretches to forever.   Vast prairies.  Groves making boundaries.  Cattle idling in quiet corners.  The world at peace.  Dorothy was right--there's no place like it.

  I started for Denver right after breakfast in Topeka and was almost immediatley side-tracked at Paxico.  There's a turnoff there that advertises a "Scenic" by-way.  I was ahead of schedule and the word "scenic" is all it took.

  The by-way is a gravel road which manufactures huge clouds of white dust in your wake as it weaves past neat farms, climbs hills and morphs onto Boothill Road.  That's where I found this old place..


  I have no idea how old it is, who owns it or how long it has been abandoned.  Maybe it was a school or a meeting house or both. The morning sun has probably warmed those old stones for more than a century. I don't know.  I just know I liked it.

   I liked it so much, here's a view that puts it in better context:


    This is Alma, Kansas..a charming little town I passed through on my way back to the Interstate.  The people were friendly and were going about the business of ranching at a pace that suggested they had been doing it for a very long time.

   They were patient with me when I asked directions back to the big road about three times before I finally got it right.  Actually, it was pretty simple..just go down the main street till it runs into route 99 and that'll take you right to I70.  Maybe I'm easily distracted, but I saw a lot of Alma before I found old 99.  

   On the right, that's one of the churches at Alma.  Well tended and ATTended, I'll bet.  

   I like little towns.  Apparently, I lot of other folks do, too.  There were at least three antique shops on the main street--always a sure sign of outside traffic.


  I made it to Denver late in the day..tired and hungry, but anxious to sit down at the computer and write about it.   I loved every stolen minute out there, riding down Boothill Road..

    Thanks for coming along.  

    See you next time.



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