Monday, March 4, 2013

  As a reporter, I spent years "on the road;" the world was my backyard.  I knew airports, hotels and restaurants in almost any city you can mention.  The trouble with that kind of life is that sooner or later you realize you've been everywhere and have seen nothing.  You never stayed in any one place long enough to get its flavor.  When I retired, I decided to go back and take a look.  

  For travel in America, my late wife, Mary Alice and I decided we'd fly only over water and that in the lower 48 states, we'd go by car.  We never regretted the decision; there is gorgeous country out there that can't be appreciated from 35,000 feet, and the Interstates are ideal for getting you through it. Believe me, getting there is a lot of the fun because every state has its own flavor and context..and the Interstates make them accessible.  If you go overseas, you take what's offered, but if you can rent a car, do it.  In both cases, home or
abroad, maximum flexibility is the goal.

  So, saying that, let me invite you to ride shotgun as I continue to wander.  As I go, I'll post a Footloose Footnote from time to time..and since I'm never without a good camera, I'll hang up a few pictures, too.  Enjoy.