Friday, July 25, 2014


The Daddy of 'Em All

Cheyenne, Wyoming.  July 25, 2014:   You want rodeo?  Here it is.  This is the 118th edition of the Daddy of 'Em All..the great Cheyenne Rodeo.  It's all here..bulls, horses and the cowboys who think they can ride 'em.  Some can, some can't.  Like football, it depends on that particular day.  Just take a look:

For many, this is definitely not the day.. 

For some, it's "Ride 'im, Cowboy!!"

But, as I said..not for all..

It's a hard way to make a to speak.


It's not all arena riding, though..there's shopping, pancake feeds, concerts by big name acts, a huge parade where others have rides of their own..

Improbable as they may be..

  Relax, folks, it's easter egg dye.

Out at the arena, there's a carnival, exhibitions and chuck wagon cookery.  Care to try a Rocky Mountain Oyster?   

And there's always a fashion show.  This year, they're showing lacy mini-skirts (middle).


As I mentioned, this is the 118th year for the rodeo.  It's become one of the biggest and most revered in the US, rivaling the Calgary Stampede in Canada.  Cheyenne lasts almost two weeks and features the best riders anywhere..guys who know they have to do well at Cheyenne to get the points they need for the finals.  

It's fun and it reminds you of great traditions.  

What more could you want?  



The food's really good, too.