Monday, March 25, 2013

Home Again, Home Again..

Car Load

  It takes a lot of stuff to make a two or three week road trip.  When I unloaded it all, the car breathed a heavy sigh of relief. 

  But you have to have clothing, cameras, cookies, hats and boots.  A tripod is nice, too.  There's also some Balsamic Vinegar from Tupac, AZ and some of Grandpa John's famous barbecue sauce from Green Valley.  All in all, pretty good--and I knew where  to find everything when I needed it.  Now all I have to do is get it upstairs and unpacked.  

  Many thanks to my cousin, Dale and his sweet wife, Betsy, who always make me feel at home in Tucson.  And the same to John and Marsha Taylor who do the same for me in Green Valley.  Great friends make life worthwhile.

 And thanks to you for reading this "blog."  My kids encouraged me to start it and they were right; they may live to regret it, but I won't.  It's just the thing I needed--a chance to go out and see a story, take some pictures and write it for other folks to (hopefully) enjoy.  Just like the good old days when I did it for a living..there's nothing like a deadline to spur the imagination.  

  I will continue writing it on a regular, if not daily, basis.  If you are inclined to keep reading, please do and drop a comment now and then; a kind word to a writer is like a tip to a waiter.

  When I am not on the road, I plan to dip back into my files for stories and pictures from other trips and from my days as a working reporter.  I'll let you know when there's something new.

  Meanwhile, I'm gonna fix dinner and then go soak in the tub.