Friday, March 15, 2013

Mountain Panorama

Mt. Lemmon, Tucson, AZ. 3/15/13:   35 miles up a winding mountain road,
8000 feet above sea level, you may not be able to "see forever," but you'll think you can.  

   These pictures were taken on Mount Lemmon, which is in the Catalina Mountain range, north of Tucson.  People go up there to picnic, hike--they 
even ride bikes up the side of the highway--all the way up--just for the run
of coasting back down.  It's a mountain-lover's paradise, rising in total, about
9000 feet above sea level.  If it's too hot in Tucson, they go up Mount Lemmon.
Blue Horizon and Beyond

   There's a small town near the top of the ridge, Summer Haven, where people have built small houses and cabins.  They live up there mostly in the summer, of course..and they have all the necessities.  There is a visitor's center, a general store, recreation facilities all with a nice, comfortable feel of the outback. But some folks do live up there all year long..and it must be a hard place in the winter.  It must also be a heckuvva commute.

Oh, gee..

  There are lakes on the mountain, and a place to ski..and hoodoos to climb if you must.  That's a "hoodoo" there with the guy on top.  Why he went up there, I can't imagine, but the view must have been awesome.  And, yes, he got down..faster than he went up..but safely.

  Takes all kinds.

  That's what makes us great.