Thursday, July 23, 2015

First Glimpse of the Rockies
Ft. Collins, CO.  7/23/2015:  We came over a slight rise and there they were--the Rocky Mountains, right where I left them.  I admit they were as hazy as you see there, but there was no mistake--it was the mighty Front Range of the Rockies, rising full force and splendid out of the prairie.  The sky was bright and wonderfully blue in contrast to the murk and rain we've been having in the east. 

   We were elated.

   We had arrived. 

   And it takes no imagination at all to see that cloud giving us the big "Number One."


  That was a long ride from Delaware, Ohio.  We started Tuesday morning, drove to St. Louis.  Went on to Salina, KS the next day.  Left there and arrived here in Ft. Collins, CO this afternoon.  We'll be ready for a day of shopping in Cheyenne tomorrow.  We go to the great Cheyenne Rodeo on Saturday.  

   Stand by for pictures.

   But for now--time for a nap.


JS. 7/23/2015