Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bits and Pieces

Corn Marches On

Salina, KS, July 22, 2015:  There is Zen in long-distance driving.  I love to do it.  I can ride for hours through open countryside and lose myself in its grandeur, its dignity. its beauty and its grace.  The picture above is a place along Interstate 70 in eastern Kansas.  The sky is big, the land goes on forever.  

   You see these things and wonder:  Who lives there?  What is their life like?   How big is that farm?  Where does it end and the next one begin?  How do these folks see their lives and would they like to be somewhere else..or not?
Where do they go for a gallon of milk?   

   Things like that.

   Meanwhile, you keep your eyes open for the little things, too.  For instance:

   Three brand new trucks pulled by one brand new truck.  Where are they going?  All to the same owner?  Will he get a discount on the first truck because it will be more used than the others by the time it gets there?  Or will he just suck it up?


    Sometimes it pays to keep your head down.

   This guy was dusting crops in a field to the right, just out of camera view. I don't know what the fellow in the white van thought about it.  But he got more than one good look:

     Jane got those shots with my cell phone.  Good eye, fast trigger.


   And then there's this:

   I have passed this place near Topeka many times and have always wondered how the jet got there.  It's in a front yard near a tree.  What does it mean?  Was it the owner's pet airplane?  Who retired first..the plane or the owner?  Is there an airport back there I can't see?  Will it ever leave?

   The mind boggles.

   Interstate travel is never boring if you know how to do it.

   You just go with the flow, Baby, and wait for what turns up.

   Tomorrow, the Rockies turn up.

   And won't that be grand.


JS.  7/22/2015