Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lexington, Kentucky.  Sunday night, 3/10:  

  The temperature was just about 70 when I left Morgantown, WV around noontime. The sky was bright and there the illusion of a light green haze around the mountain treetops, a promise of even better days to come.  The beginning of an Appalachian 
Mountain winter is brown and gray.
Springtime is lush and green with blossoms everywhere.

  This time of year, you can see the forest floor and the shape of the ridges through the barren woods. Soon, if the promise is kept, leaves will cloak it all, giving cover to squirrels, deer, bear and the occasional fox. I love it.

   I 79 cuts vertically through West Virginia, running from the Pennsylvania state line to the state capitol in Charleston.  You pass places with names like Jane Lew, Flatwoods, Polemic Run and Muddlety...names that always make me wonder how they came to be.  A better traveler would stop and ask.  Today, I didn't have the time.

I 79 South on a bright new day.
At Charleston, I grabbed a road west, I 64, and was really on my way to Tucson, Arizona  In a total of five hours, plus or minus, I made Lexington, KY and called it a day.  There is a Marriott hotel here and it has a restaurant and bar and .. well, tomorrow's another day.  Who knows where I'll be this time tomorrow night?  I'll just take it it one scenic mile at a time.  

  Stay tuned.