Monday, March 11, 2013

Noah would have loved Kentucky this morning.
Little Rock, Arkansas.  Monday evening:   Even the "mudders" stayed in the barn this morning in Kentucky.  Apparently, after sending a breath of spring the day before, God chose to water the grass today.  Big time, making life on the Interstate very interesting.  I didn't see sunshine till well after Memphis, TN. in the afternoon.

  Sunshine is better.


  Whenever I go to Cowboy Country, I never feel I'm in the zone till I cross the Mississippi.  I went over it at Memphis today, marveling at the grand river while thinking reasonably deep thoughts about Mark Twain, Huck and Tom, the pioneers and all those good things.  I'll push into Texas tomorrow, making it all the more official.

Mark Twain's Mississippi .. out the window at 70 mph.

  But you get a lot of time to think when you're driving long distance.  Some of 
it isn't very productive.  For instance--

Notes scratched on an old road map:

  •   Euphemisms bother me.  Why do they call it a "Rest Area?"  How about Stop and Go?
  •   I have noticed that you never need one of those places until the instant you have passed one by.

More interesting place names..all in Tennessee:
  •   Bucksnort.  That's what the sign said..Bucksnort, TN.
  •   Mousetail Landing.  At a state park.  I can't begin to imagine how that happened.
  And for those who remember Minnie Pearl:  Grinder's Switch Winery.  It's on I 40 between Nashville and Memphis.  If there really is a Grinder's Switch, it makes you wonder whether she was only kidding all those years.

  Ah, well.  Texas tomorrow,  Tucson Thursday.

  Wow.  It's neat out here.