Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ride 'Em, Cowboy..If You Can.

Cheyenne Arena Before Showtime
Cheyenne, Wyoming.  7/20/2013:    Day one of the 117th Cheyenne Rodeo.  To be brief, the Bulls and Horses won.  

   There is some least on my part..that the Bulls and Horses (capitalized to emphasize respect) had a meeting and decided to really stomp the cowboys.  And they did.  There were 30 bull rides and only one cowboy qualified for the next round.  Bulls 29, Cowboys 1.  

   The picture album which follows will, I think, illustrate all:


Who knew bulls could fly?

   ...or horses, for that matter?

   Let me pause in this pictorial review to point you to the people in the background.  Notice how they are either climbing or hiding behind fences.  These are prudent people, some are rodeo judges.  What's that tell you?

  Yup.  They fly.  Wonder if that was covered in the meeting?

   Back to this picture for a moment.  In spite of what you think, this man is demonstrating proper form.  Free hand is visible and not touching the horse.  His feet are forward of the horse's shoulders, toes pointing out.  He probably got good scores for that..until he came off.

So long, Suckah..

   Really, it was a great day.  Beautiful weather and they had a parade with, of course, lots of horses.  Just what you want on the 117th anniversary of the "Daddy of 'em all,"  the great Cheyenne Rodeo.  

   At the end, there were a lot of happy
but tired cowgirls and cowboys.  Including this one, for sure.


   Think I'll go hit the to speak.

   Ride 'em Cabboy...