Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cheyenne Rodeo Shopping..Big Time.

When in Cheyenne..

Cheyenne, Wyoming.  7/18/2013:     Two days till Rodeo starts.  Are you ready?  Do you look your best?  What do you think you need?  Well, Pard', here it is.

   This is The Wrangler, of which there is no whicher.  During other times of the year, it supplies ranch families with any of the necessities..hats, boots, jeans, shirts, blouses, sox..whatever.  At Rodeo time, it runs it up a few notches.  Dressy, fancy..pricey.  Whatever the Dudes from someplace else might like to buy while they're here on the spree, Wrangler's got.

  Boots?  Name your brand.

   High Steppers for the Ladies.  Notice the tall rise on those beauties..just made for riding or simply looking smart.


You say you need a new hat?


  There are plenty of  casual straws or hats you might wear to Rodeo or to town.  You can party in these hats or you can go to work.  The main thing is they keep the sun from boiling your brains and blistering your neck.  That's why they look like that, and if you don't have one out here, you're nuts.



   There are serious hats for the man who needs to look a bit dressier.  Most of these come close to 200 dollars and are quality fur fabric.

And then..

    Pricey hats.  How's $700 grab ya?

   As for me, I favor Stetsons..that is, Stetsons I bought years ago and still wear. I know I'm no fun..but good is good.  In fact, when it comes to Stetson, good is great.  I brought a nice, narrow-brimmed Stetson straw with me this year.  I bought it in Tucson some time ago and it still looks brand new.  So I'm fixed, thank you very much

  Oh.  Narrow-brimmed?  Yep.  Most of my hats are low-crowned and narrow brimmed because those big wide-brimmed jobs, however beautiful, make us short folks look like thumbtacks and/or mushrooms.  We do have our pride.


  Now if you're looking for tack like saddles, bridles, lariats and spurs, that's just down the street.   But you can get almost anything you want to wear at Wranglers.. long as it's Western.  

   I'm ready.  

   Saddle up, riders.


   Oh, boy.