Monday, July 15, 2013

Old Men Go West, Too..

Hitting The Road Early In The Morning

Marriott Fairfield Inn. Effingham, Illinois.  Evening, 7/15/2013:  Willie Nelson and I would get along just fine..neither of us could ever wait to get on the road again.  

   I set out early this morning..headed to Cheyenne, Wyoming for the big rodeo that Mary Alice and I loved so much.  Then, I'm going to Estes, Colorado for a day at Rocky Mountain National Park (being nobody's fool, I've got my Senior pass) for some serious photo-grabbing, and then on to Steamboat Springs for a visit with our old friends, Larry and Jackie.  I may get back to Morgantown, WV by the first of August..and I may not.  I HAVE to be back for Grandson Mike's wedding to the lovely Kate McGraw on the there are SOME limits.

  Counting West Virginia, I made five states today.  



Crossing the mighty Ohio River to get there, of course..

  Past Columbus and Dayton into Hoosier Country..

  And into the middle of Illinois.  Sorry, I didn't get a shot of the Illinois sign.  But you know what it looks like, more or less.

  Tomorrow, I get back on "The Main Street of America," Interstate 70, to hop past St. Louis and into Kansas.  If I keep running at this speed I may get to Cheyenne early--but that's OK.  There is a lot of shopping there, great food and plenty of pictures to take.  And if that's not sufficient, Denver's just down the road.  

  What's that old saying about happy, wallowing pigs?  

  i'll talk to you tomorrow.