Saturday, March 1, 2014

Headed Out Again


Best Western Hotel, Nashville, TN.  March 1, 2014:  Headed south on 
I-79 early in the morning, hoping to get away from the impending snow storm.
Maybe Nashville will do for tonight, maybe not.

Whatever, I've the got cameras packed and I'm headed for Tucson..a place
full of great family and friends, lots of things to do and great food.  Besides, it's warm.

Today's is going to be a short blog because I'm pooped.  I drove a little long and 
pretty hard today to get that distance.  You could see the temperatures rising as I got further south.  At first, it all looked like the weather was on pause between episodes.  Take a look at the shot on the right.

Although the road is perfectly dry, you can see snow on the forest floor of that hill there.  When I took the picture, the temperature was 22 degrees.  By the time I got to Charleston, WV from my home in Morgantown, the temp had risen to 28 and there was no snow on the ground.  The forecasters say that's going to change in a big way in Morgantown and points east..and that's why the Marshal got outta Dodge so fast.

It takes about three days for me to get to Tucson on the interstates in normal times..we'll see what happens on this trip.'s good to be geared up and going again; it's been a long dry spell.
So here I go, "racing the sun and chasing my shadow" once more.


Stay tuned.