Monday, March 3, 2014

Out Of The Storm He Rode.

Finally. BIG SKY!  Seen first just west of Oklahoma City.


Holiday Inn Express, Shamrock, Texas.  3/3/2014:   At one point today,
I left the Natural State and crossed into the Cherokee Nation.  Where was I?
I won't hold you up..I left Arkansas and entered Oklahoma.  And a big moment  it was, too.
 For those who came in late..I was caught in the lower reaches of that horrible storm on Sunday as I made my way west from Nashville, TN toward my ultimate destination, Tucson, AZ.  I got only as far as Clarksville, Arkansas when  the heavy rain and beginning snow suggested I take shelter.  And I did. That was Sunday night.  When I got up this morning--it is Monday, isn't it?  I looked out the door and there was my car and several others covered in at least a half inch to an inch of ice.  It took a couple of hours to get it loose enough to go.  With trepidation, the car and I eased out onto the Interstate.  It looked like this:

Right. One semi-dry and snow in the other.  Still, we moved at a pretty good pace until we found them..trucks and cars all in a row, and no way to pass.  

We had us a convoy!

Now, I don't want to go on about this too long.  I know a lot of people have a 

similar story to tell. I just wanted to show you how vast this stinkin' system was!  I stopped seeing snow on the ground at about the time I crossed the Texas border.  Look at the side of the car--that is solid ice that would not knock off until I got it into a car wash here in Shamrock and blasted it with hot water.  

I am getting the idea that Mother Nature is sending a message.  Either that, or she is drenching us with water--frozen and/or unfrozen--to fill up the ground because she is planning one hellish summer.  Just a theory, you understand..but think about it.

Tomorrow..Albuquerque and beyond with beautiful weather (I hope).