Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday In Santa Fe

The Market
Santa Fe, NM.  7/13/2014:    The world was on Museum Hill today.  Artists and their wares from virtually everywhere were there, working their craft, showing spectators how they do it..selling.  

It was the last day of this year's International Folk Art Market, held at Santa Fe's fabulous Folk Art Museum.  The good-natured crowds were crammed onto the hill, coming up from the State Capitol parking lots in busloads.  Nobody seemed to mind waiting just to get close to the display tables to see what was going on.  Many were buying on the spot.  I got close enough to take pictures. Here goes:

Enameled boxes from Khazakhstan.

             Carved Masks                             

    Carver at work.

                                                                 Sudanese Artist

                                                                   Basket Maker


     It was wonderful and I'd recommend it to anyone who loves art of any
kind.  It's all here.  It's from the world.


     After a couple of hours, I retreated to the old stand--the central Plaza in old Santa Fe.  People were on the benches, under the trees, at the Fajita stand, patrolling the shops and, generally spending Sunday afternoon at a leisurely pace.

    But nobody was having more fun than the Accordion Man and his biggest fan:

          Sunday in the Plaza.