Saturday, July 12, 2014

Pow Wow at Taos Pueblo

North House, Taos Pueblo
Taos Pueblo, New Mexico.  7/12/2014:  That huge building is thought to be at least a thousand years old and, except for the modern doors, looks pretty much as it did when the Conquistadors first arrived.  There were no doors for them to break down then..people who lived in the building (one of two such structures) climbed ladders and went in through holes in the roof..early security.  People still live there, making it part of the oldest continually inhabited community in the US.  It's cool inside in summer and warm in the winter..and that's what adobe is all about.

I came to the pueblo to attend its 29th annual Pow Wow.  At least 20 tribes came for the big event..a gathering full of fun and dance, serious talk and good relationships.  They've been doing that for centuries, too.  But before the Pow Wow, I toured the Pueblo once again, re-loving the things that I saw.  Here's an album.

Built in 1850, this church is the newest structure in the complex.  The San Geronimo Church was built to replace one destroyed by  US troops in 1847.

                      Modern door, ancient building.

They still like their ladders.  Climb up there, pull up the ladder, and you've got an advantage.  Besides, it looks good.

    The North Building, or "Hlaauma."  


The Pow Wow started on Friday night and lasts the weekend.  Tribes come from many surrounding states to be together and to declare "We are still here!"  It's a defiant cry and a statement of brotherhood.  You don't take it lightly.  

The dances are a focal point.  Drums set the rhythm, chanters sing to stir the blood.  And everyone takes part.  Just look:

This guy was really into it. He stepped, turned and whirled past me with a smile on his face.

This is a truly big man.  Just look at his costume.
Serious business.

                                    Follow Mama.  This is the way..

Getting ready to dance.


          Keeping the beat.

                                            Start 'em right.

  It was wonderful..almost too much to take in.  I was anxious for you to see what I saw.  I hope you feel what I feel as well.  

  Pow Wow. 




   Tomorrow, back to Santa Fe for a quiet day of shopping at a Folk Festival.
Dunno what I'll see there, but you can bet it'll be something good.