Monday, July 7, 2014

Off and Running Again

On the road again.

Terre Haute, Indiana, 7/7/2014:  I seem to collect these places.  This 
one, on the far west side of Ohio, reminds me of that one down near Amarillo,
Texas (see previous blogs)..with its handsome concrete modernity.  
   Some of the states seem to be in competition to produce the most attractive rest stops.  I had not seen this one before, but now I add it to the group of most imaginative.  Why just stop  Why shouldn't the designers pique the curiosity and heighten the senses as well?  I have nothing but applause for these efforts..and, for a variety of reasons, I'm always glad to see them.


  I'm on the first leg of the latest "walkabout."   This time, to a nice B&B just 
outside Santa Fe for a couple of days that, hopefully, will include some visits
to some pueblos..then on to El Grande' Hole In the Ground for some nighttime
photography followed by a run to Steamboat Springs, Colorado and my usual 
day's visit to the Cheyenne Rodeo.  There ought to be some decent pictures for this blog in there somewhere.  

  Meanwhile, getting to Terre Haute got pretty frisky at the end of the day when a hellacious rainstorm made it hard to see to drive. However, it was so bad that you were afraid to stop the car for fear of being rear-ended.  But I didn't (get rear-ended) and I did (make it to my usual first stop on these runs).  Tomorrow, on to the Cowboy Museum and then Tucumcari, NM.   Long days, worth the while.

  I'll be talkin' at ya.

  Stay tuned.